Separation and Divorce

All couples experience their fair share of disagreements. If you are finding it more and more difficult to resolve these disputes, you could find yourself thinking about bringing an end to the relationship. This is a difficult decision, and it is important that you take the time to prepare yourself for the changes you will experience upon separation and/or divorce.

Part of this preparation involves speaking to an attorney about the issues that will arise during the separation and pending divorce. Jennifer Cochran-Green will provide the skilled assistance that your family deserves at this time. She will explain the process to you, so that you are able to make choices that allow you to best protect your interests.

Reaching The Right Solutions For Your Family
Each divorce is different, and requires careful analysis to determine the options that are actually available in your specific situation. Jennifer Cochran-Green, will work directly with you throughout all stages of your divorce, and will offer you advice that is focused on your needs and concerns. Jennifer will assist you with a number of issues that frequently arise during a divorce, including:

  • Determining child custody and parenting time plans
  • Calculating the appropriate amount of child support payments to be made or received
  • Dividing your marital property, including pensions and other retirement assets
  • Discussing the amount or duration of spousal maintenance awarded or received

Many spouses often do not get along while their divorce is ongoing. Jennifer strives to help you reach an agreement that allows you and your soon to be ex-spouse to better work together in the future. If these differences are not resolved prior to trial, Jennifer is ready to stand up for the future of your family inside the courtroom.

Discuss Your Concerns With A Knowledgeable Austin Divorce Lawyer
Before making any decisions about your divorce, make sure you understand the impact that these choices will have upon your future. Call 512-870-8187 to schedule a consultation.


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