Foster Parent or CPS Adoption

Foster care adoptions come through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (CPS). Once a child has been removed from his or her home due to allegations of abuse or neglect, the child may be placed into a foster care home or relative placement. If the child is unable to return home to his or her family, CPS will initiate court proceedings to terminate the parents' rights. In these situations, CPS has legal custody and the authority to place the child in home with a relative or foster parents who want to adopt the child. Jennifer represents prospective adoptive parents in finalizing an adoption with the consent of CPS. Jennifer does not represent parties in the termination of parental rights in CPS placements.

NOTE: Our law firm is not a licensed child-placing agency. Texas law prohibits attorneys from "placing" children for adoption. We represent parents (birth or prospective adoptive parents) in the adoption process not the "matching" process.


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