Premarital or Prenuptial Agreements

The term “Prenuptial Agreement" is about as popular as the term “Mother-In-Law”. People are afraid to talk about them before getting married for fear of hurt feelings, or worse, breaking up the engagement. Truth be told, “prenups” aren’t just for celebrities anymore. They are particularly important for couples in second marriages, blended families, or those who want to protect a business, family gifts, or inheritance.

Texas is a community property state thus it is increasingly common for couples with significant assets to choose to protect their assets as well as their families with premarital planning. Premarital agreements ("prenup") are contracts between two loving people who seek to protect their assets, their families and each other from a long and expensive process in the event of death or divorce. It specifically helps couples identify and disclose their assets as well as plan for the future in the event of separation. Postmarital (or post-nuptial) agreements are also useful for those who are already married but have the above issues that they would like to address.

Note: Please talk to us at least six weeks before the wedding to allow time for this process to take place.​

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